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Why am I disillusioned?

In my opinion, the whole stack exchange network has started to rot.

Moderators seem to be incapable of differentiating between abusive behaviour and defensive behaviour. As a result, they have been allowing abusers to run rampant carrying out their attacks unchallenged. I personally have observed and experienced numerous instances where moderators actively participate in abuse against users merely trying to protect themselves from the abusers.

This combined with the company's promulgated efforts to retain users seems to have resulted in a misguided desire "protect" new users at all costs.

  • When new users come to the expecting and even demanding "service", they're not to be taken to task.
  • Instead of teaching new users when they do wrong, the effort is to molly-coddle them regardless of negativity they bring.
  • As a result the network is likely to breed a caucus of retained users who have never learnt to improve their own behaviour.

Sadly I have serious concerns that a once-great network of sites is headed to self-destruction.

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