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Accent identification questions
12 votes

I think that they're fine. The Downton Abbey question is probably NARQ for being overly broad as it asks for the identification of an entire cast of characters. The Brad Pitt question is fine, IMO. ...

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Is the usage of the word "Bumbler" on-topic?
Accepted answer
6 votes

Both ODO and Webster do list bumbler as a derivative of bumble. A bumbler is one who bumbles just as a questioner is one who questions. The headline in your linked article could just as well have read:...

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Is "Literature" a pointless tag?
4 votes

literature should be considered along with books. The latter is described as follows: Questions about the English Language, with the cause for the question found in books read by the Original ...

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Answer was already posted as comment by someone else - recommended action if any?
3 votes

Recommended actions: Encourage the commenter to post an answer the next time around. Copy the comment and post it as a community wiki answer. If somebody else has knowingly or unknowingly copied said ...

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Do many people have legibility issues with [link] highlighted text on ELU Main?
2 votes

Instead of linking the entire quote, you could have linked "In football, deliberately tripping an opponent is a foul" in its lead-up. Links, in general, might not be easily noticeable when used with a ...

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Should my answer, which (I think HELPFULLY) supplemented the previous answer, have been DELETED?
0 votes

FWIW, on the 24th, I flagged Is “Who is he?” ok when we don’t know the sex? as an answer of low quality. It is a duplicate and adds nothing further to the accepted answer. It also reads like a ...

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Could the meta site be more clearly labeled?
-1 votes

I do believe that clicking on URLs that link to the meta site opens them in a new tab/window. IMO, this is sufficient indication provided it happens consistently (I have not checked). Furthermore, I ...

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