Benny Lewis

An Irish lad, living in New York, who runs the world's largest language learning blog, Fluentin3months.com (1 million unique monthly visitors). I've written an international best-selling book of the same title (Fluent in 3 Months) and published courses with John Murray learning, collectively known as #languagehacking.

My background is actually in Electronic Engineering, but I got into language learning during my 13 years on the road before I moved to New York. My extensive travels led to National Geographic giving me the title of "Traveler of the Year".

I speak around 10 languages, depending on where your cut-off point is. If that point is lower-intermediate, or CEFR level B1 is a starting point, then 11 is the number I'd go for. This is "conversational" level where I can speak with a native about a good range of topics if he/she is patient and used to speaking with a foreigner. If the point is "fluency" where I can function at normal speed in pretty much all social situations without hindering communication (upper intermediate, or B2), then it's 6. If the point is "mastery", where I could work as an engineer in the language, as I would in English, then it's 3. I consider this level overkill, so I don't push towards it in most of my languages.

Video is a big passion of mine, and you can see me publish on my YouTube channel very often. I like experimenting with live videos and am getting back into gaming, via live streaming.

My YouTube channel and twitter are verified, and I'm active across many other social media channels. I act as a consultant to language/technology firms and enjoy speaking at universities and conferences on various topics.

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