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What's on Pikachu's mind today?

I'm Pika the Wizard of the Whales, formerly a purple wizard and watermelon wizard, and currently a mis-evolved pikachu in the form of a whale-wizard (NOT a wizard-whale). Also the exact opposite of Sonic, the kinda sorta exact opposite of Shadow Wizard, and the superior form of Kirby the Wizard of the Walruses. Finally, Pikachu has the magic abilities to drown function calls in variables and whales, overuse bold formatting, and modify a const int (but not a final int. those things are so overrated). Finally finally, I am was the two and only proud tracker of the 👾 tag badge on a site that loves StackOverflowErrors. And then this happened. Flip you Jeremy. This is clearly all your fault and the staff had absolutely nothing to do with it.

What's not on Pikachu's mind today?


Are waffles alive?

OF FLIPIN COURSE WAFFLES ARE ALIVE! In fact, I just maliciously murdered peacefully partook of this living waffle earlier today:

Super waffles



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