I study math and work at becoming fluent in Japanese. (With the former, I have a current goal of being able to read Schreiber's Differential cohomology in a cohesive topos. With the latter, I flirt with jpop idols daily.) I'm interested in things like economics and foreign affairs, from a mix of social and mathematical perspectives. I don't chase high yields, I chase high dividend growth. I've written for a paycheck before, but I enjoy the story-building process more than the actual generation of prose; still, those interests are mostly just an occasional diversion for me. I've been known to lift heavy objects repeatedly, and also to crack open an exercise physiology textbook and read about metabolism. I play video games pretty often, but I generally stay on the trailing edge (so I can get my games dirt cheap). Both my piano and my guitar are pretty dusty nowadays. I occasionally write music (in Reason, mostly) as a hobby.

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