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Native speaker of American English (GenAmE) with a handful of Southernisms but no Piedmontisms (no aboot or hoose):

  • cot-caught split
  • y'all is perfectly acceptable 2nd person plural
  • singular they for unknown sex
  • pin-pen split
  • Atlanta - /et 'læ nə/ or usually just /'læ nə/
  • hundred - halfwy between /hun dred/ and /hu nrt/
  • firefly
  • supper when I was a kid, dinner now
  • pockybook/purse
  • both mow the lawn/cut the grass
  • bathoom for bathroom- I don't know if this is a thing but people used to make fun of my dad for it. I say it that way but find it entirely unremarkable.

Accent quiz:

ɔnt, ruːf, ruːt/ræʊt, wɑʃ, ɔɪl, 'θɪ ə tər, aɪ ərn, 'sæ mən, kær ə mel, faɪ ər, 'wɑ tər, ʃər, deɪ tə, ru: in, 'kreɪ ɔn, 'nor lenz, pe 'kɑn, boʊθ, ə 'gen, 'prɑ bli:, 'spi tn 'imid͡ʒ, 'æ lə bæ mə, lɔ jər, 'ku: pɔn, meɪ ə neɪz, 'sir ʌp, pə 'd͡ʒa məz, kɔt, 'næ t͡ʃər li:, ə 'lu: mi nəm, en ve loʊp

toilet paper (not TP), potato bug, soda, tennis shoes, y'all/you all, daddylonglegs,nana/pappy/big mother/big daddy, grocery cart, the devil is beating OMG I can't say that, remote

NYT Dialect Quiz Map

  • 2 or more people: everyone
  • big fast road: highway
  • lawyer: both boy and flaw
  • circular road intersection: traffic circle (didn't exist as a kid)
  • crayon: cray-awn
  • large freight vehicle: 18 wheeler as a kid, semi-trailer now
  • pajamas: PALM
  • sweet spread on cake: frosting (but icing is a particular kind)
  • glowing flying insect: both firefly/lighting bug
  • grass between sidewalk and road: (nothing) - I still don't recognize these
  • caramel: cair - uh - mel
  • shoes for gym: tennis shoes
  • grass in middle of some streets: median
  • sweetened carbonated drink: soda
  • large feline: cougar
  • drive thru liquor store: don't exist
  • cot-caught: diffferent
  • sale of unwanted items: yard sale
  • aunt: caught vowel
  • night before halloween: no word
  • small road parallel to highway: no word
  • dinner vs supper: dinner more formal
  • small gray curl up bug: potato bug
  • long sandwich: sub
  • easy class: gut
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