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Does cited material merit special consideration when the content is potentially offensive or unwelcoming?
8 votes

The question that inspired this one has resulted in an "enough with the politics" remark. I understand, it's human nature to want to analyze situations from every possible angle. At the same time, I'm ...

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Why is my question receiving down votes?
7 votes

I am a high rated member of money.se and continue to struggle with the downvotes, sometimes for my own answers, more often for others' frustration. SE doesn't require a comment to downvote, and as ...

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Can anything be done about mean-spirited requests for terminology?
4 votes

I don't know what you're goal is here. You tagged Word meant to describe a crime where women beat men with your pejorative language tag. Why would you feel such questions are mean-spirited? There ...

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Could we PLEASE include a link to the Help Center on the main page(s) e.g., Unanswered Questions?
2 votes

There's a help link right up top, to the left of the search box. How do you want it improved?

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