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Born 30 Jun 1940 in Marseille, France. Youth and studies mostly in Senegal (St-Louis, Kaolack, Dakar), a little in France (under bombs in 1944 in Tours). Civil engineer for French government. Built bridges, docks, dams, roads; made economic studies and decisions (e.g. investments in airports, fluvial navigation, location of Rhône-Alpes main airport); headed operations in airports (Paris) and railways (Paris-Nord region). Taught structural analysis and fluid mechanics in 2 engineering universities. Wrote large software applications for French railways and roads administrations, focusing on accurateness, reliability and ease of use (numerical analysis, high speed infrastructure layout, structural analysis. Including e.g. entire rebuilding of Fresnel Integrals calculation for increased speed, precision, domain extension; building of a high-performance 2D-mesher; efficient user interfaces and documentation; etc). Raised 4 children (1 DB analyst, 1 tri-lingual assistant, 1 officer, 1 engineer).
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