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Shouldn't intriguing and/or challenging questions written in good English be rewarded?
12 votes

Your question is about questions that are well-written. But what about answers that are well-written? Should such answers be rewarded because they are well-written? DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT - INDEED, ...

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14 votes
Is it any use answering or commenting on a question that was asked years ago?
1 votes

The simple answer is "Sure, go for it." (I'm providing an answer to this very old question.)

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OK to comment that you haven't heard the usage?
-1 votes

Of course, obviously --- and indeed such comments are the heart of the matter. With language there is never a definitive answer... Remember the great quoteable from an early intro to the Dictionary ...

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How do you explain why a word phrase is unlikely to exist?
-2 votes

There is no answer at all to this other than "I am an experienced speaker and writer of language X, and I'm fairly certain there is no such word/phrase." Any other answer is B.S. Also @...

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Is using "colored girls" as an incidental example offensive or unwelcoming?
-3 votes

It was a completely gratuitous choice of example. Looking at #1006a's answer, I flagged it. I'm a woman of color [ ], and find the use of this example offensive I'm saying the same thing, but in a ...

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This is not a site for "serious English language enthusiasts," and it never will be
-3 votes

I think just suck it up, and take it as a fun opportunity to be rude to idiots who ask lame-ass questions. Consider the poor buggers on the Physics list ... ... half the questions there are superb ...

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Strong community support for a bad answer; why?
-4 votes

As I already pointed out on the question, the situation is extremely simple: (1) undeniably, each of the five sentences in the answer at hand, is just a political rant against "non-sexed language". ...

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I think that this site won't help beginners
-7 votes

It couldn't be more obvious - the site you are looking for is ELL. ELU has no connection to or involvement with beginners.

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