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I am a software engineer and hobby designer focused on cutting-edge technologies and minimalist design. I have a passion for data, engineering productivity, security, and building highly available, performant systems. In my free time, I enjoy programming just as much, if not more, than during working hours. I delve into compiler building and programming language theory while listening to obscure yet beautiful music. When I'm not doing that, I love playing games or watching movies and series with my wonderful wife. ❤️

I am a strong advocate for free knowledge and open source. I have been very active on Wikipedia and continue to engage with communities like Kotlin, Gradle, and StackOverflow, where I assist engineers worldwide. Whenever possible, I contribute to various projects and have made contributions to Kotlin, Gradle, OpenJDK, Protobuf, Envoy, JUnit, GitHub Actions Runner Controller, nginx, PHP, Symfony, Drupal, and more.

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