I found a bunch of questions about these grammatical formulations:

  1. "Why don't we close these duplicates?" (Negated question using a contraction)
  2. "Why do we not close these duplicates?" (Negated question using full form, where not moves past the subject)
  3. "Why do not we not close these duplicates?" (Negated question using full form, where not stays in place; considered archaic or ungrammatical by most people)

Not all the questions cover all 3 forms, but many do. Not all the questions have great titles either but that can be fixed.


Differences in the correct forms

I don't remember if any of the questions above really explained the difference between the two correct forms, as opposed to just saying that they're both correct, so I put these in their own section.


As I read more questions, it made sense to break this out into its own category. These questions aren't duplicates of any of the ones above. The answers are quite different between them so I'm not sure if it's useful to close all of them even as duplicates of each other. I think the questions could be polished a little though (weak titles).

My questions

  • What are the best canonicals in the "Usage" section?
  • Should any of the history questions be closed as duplicates?
  • What tags are best? I've been using . For , I guess I would replace . (I may or may not retag many of these questions. But it seems appropriate to do so if I'm bumping with a reopen/reclose anyway.)
  • Bonus: Does ELL have a canonical we can link to as well? (I may have to redo my searches there...)

Let's reach an agreement before closing or reopening any of these questions. I can do it easily myself with my unlimited well of mod closing powers.

  • 1
    Them's a lot of duplicates. How do we want to answer this? 4 separate answers, upvoted or downvoted to show favor? Or answers by individuals for all four?
    – Mitch
    2 days ago
  • @Mitch I suggest posting the suggestion that you agree with most. There's more than four ways to handle this, even if you only look at the "Usage" questions.
    – Laurel Mod
    2 days ago
  • 3
    I have often thought that we should be reviewing so-called "duplicates" for quality: many older posts would be closed in a heartbeat (given current site policy and culture) as they are not well-written and have no accepted answer due to their LQ, yet they are considered canonical based only on their longevity... yesterday
  • 2
    First, let's define the question and what it refers to. Most of the OQs were normally incoherent, approaching constructions from every possible direction for every possible reason. If we're gonna have a Standard Answer, we oughta have a Good Question to fit it. yesterday


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